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Jon Whiddon Art

by Gregory & Karen Mack on 05/28/22

We received this message from customers who have cherished memories of Jon and a special place for his art. We thank them for sharing their story.

"We are very pleased to own a Jon Whiddon original piece. Our family first discovered Jon in 2004 while escaping hurricane threats here in NE Florida by evacuating to Hayesville, NC for a week. We ate at [a] restaurant in Hayesville and saw his work displayed on the walls. Someone at the restaurant told us that Jon welcomed visitors to his home studio and gave us directions. Our children were 5, 3 and not quite 1 year old at the time, and the older two delighted in romping with Jon's dog when we visited!  Jon happily showed us around his studio, introduced us to his dad, and couldn't have been a more gracious host for our unannounced visit.  Ever since, we have wanted to have a Whiddon in our home.  We were saddened to learn on a subsequent vacation that Jon had passed.  We tried to locate any of his works through research over the years, but were not successful.  Imagine our pleasant surprise when your email about this show of his remaining originals hit our inbox!...Thanks for helping us achieve a goal 18 years in the making!"

Dan and Beth, St. Johns, FL

A Few Words on the Passing of an Artist and Friend (December 21, 1960 - February 20, 2008)

by Gregory & Karen Mack on 04/20/22


We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend Jon Whiddon, who passed away on the evening of the lunar eclipse. He was a tremendous source of light in many lives.

Jon inspired us to look at the world with fresh eyes, because he had an eagerness to take it all in. He lived his life with optimism, resourcefulness and enthusiasm that gave him the ability to make the best of any misfortune. Those of us left behind will always wonder what might have been - what smiles and stories and adventures - and of course what beautiful paintings!

On the night of the eclipse an eerie orange glow cloaked our neighborhood. The streets were quiet, but in yards and driveways our neighbors were standing with their faces turned up to the sky. We had been thinking about Jon all day, and we knew he was probably leaving us the same night. We silently watched and waited for the moon to go dark, and then it was over. Just a tiny few moments while the wheels of the universe slowly turned, never to be stopped, or captured, or exactly repeated.

Jon knew that if we want to live this life we have to do it now. This glowing moment, this passing shadow is here for us now. Enjoy it before it slips away, and then enjoy whatever comes after.

We think of Jon's life this way and we are very fortunate indeed to have witnessed his light before it passed by. We know he would have said, "Look, y'all, this is awesome!"

Karen Mack, 2008


"Barely Civilized" Folk Art by Cher Shaffer

by Gregory & Karen Mack on 12/09/17

A note from the artist:


Denny and I are so glad to be working with you two. You are a bright spot in the world of folk art. Your care, and attention to detail are admirable, and have earned our trust and gratitude. Thanks a bunch, and proud to know you.

Cher Shaffer

"Carefully Cut" Tin Can Collage by Thomas Graham

by Gregory & Karen Mack on 12/09/17

A note from the artist:


      Thanks again to Mike's Art Truck for putting on the recent show of my work 'Carefully Cut: Tin Can Collage by Thomas Graham.'  You did a wonderful job with every part of the show.

      The venue was wonderful and the way you hung and displayed my work showed it off to its best advantage. Prior to the show your press release was very informative and flattering and I was impressed by the amount of publicity you generated. I loved the posters and cards for the show and I used a bunch of them quite effectively.  Your handling of all aspects of sales and shipping and your modest commission were greatly appreciated. All my questions were dealt with promptly and effectively and I hope that we can work together again in the future.

      You are true friends of the arts..................Thomas

Sam Ezell

by Gregory & Karen Mack on 12/17/12

Here's Sam enjoying his shady spot at the Lake Norman Folk Art Festival in October.

Sam in the Shade


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