Kurt Zimmermann
Kurt Zimmermann came to the United States as a child, emigrating with his family from Germany. Drafted by the US, he fought against Germany in World War II. Later, as a technical engineer, he was sent to Germany again to work on a NATO defense project. He later moved to Florida to work on the Apollo space project. Over time, Kurt became deeply conflicted about the nature of patriotism, and about the role of science and technology in warfare. No longer willing or able to cope, he left his joband his profession. During this psychological crisis, he took up painting, which became the key to finding peace. Kurt was a full-time artist for the rest of his life.
Kurt’s profound connection with animals is the center of his art. Believing that animals have lives and deaths that are beyond the comprehension of most people, he paints to convey his respect and admiration for them. Disturbed and saddened by roadkill, Kurt used his artistic voice to memorialize the victims and make them whole again.
"My work is a direct expression of information from other realms," the artist explained. "By bringing it into this world through my art, I hope to make viewers aware of the greater dimensionality of life, a view very different from the 'normal' day-to-day reality we perceive."
Though Kurt made his departure in 2017, we can imagine him exploring his new dimension with curiosity and compassion. If you think you see him walking along the beach with his wife Joan, say hello, because you might be right.
Cocoa Beach, FL
26.5" x 17.5" 
In shadowbox frame of plexiglass & painted wood, created by the artist
27.5" x 19.5"
In shadowbox frame of plexiglass & painted wood, created by the artist


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