Whew! We're beat after our first show ever! It was a great show and we made lots of new friends. Quite a few artists paid us a visit: Ab the Flagman, Bennie Morrison, Bob Hart, Charlie Lucas, Cornbread, Dede Spitz, Eric Legge, James Dean, Jeff Dahlgren, Jim Shores, Joe Legge, Johnny Ace, Jon Whiddon, Michael Banks, Mike & Grace Kelly Laster, Paul Flack, Peter Loose, Shane Campbell, Steven Craig Chandler, & theartist. (Did we miss anyone?)
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Greg & Karen Mack
Mike’s Art Truck
505 N Scottswood Blvd
Hillsborough, NC 27278
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"Farrier's Chair" by Butch Anthony
"Musicians" by Willie Tarver
Thanks to Steven Chandler,
who caught us smiling at Folk Fest!
Visit our webpage on to see photos from some of our folk art road trips. Much more to come...
Art Cat's photos More of Art Cat's photos
Ashley Karr paid a visit to our gallery and asked Karen lots of questions. Read the article here.

It was a great show again this year, packed with fantastic art and fantastic art fans. Here's a shot of the Mike's Art Truck booth. We had a blast and made lots of new friends. Special thanks to the artists who came out for the meet & greet on Friday night. Do it again next year??

It was a big thrill this year to represent legendary Southern folk artist and all-round wonderful person, Charlie Lucas. Charlie came out Friday night and all day on Saturday to greet admirers and delight us all with his stories.

Carol Roll also joined us in working the booth on Friday & Saturday. She brought along a carful of beautiful work & just about sold it all! Congratulations to Carol on a great show!

And what a surprise to have Willie Jinks drop by. He lingered long enough to draw a quick portrait of Karen. No, it's not for sale!

Thanks to all the artists & fans who came out for the show!
RAW VISION Magazine Reviews Folk Fest 2008
We are excited to be mentioned as "standing out" by this prestigious art magazine. Read the review.
(More about Raw Vision. More about Folk Fest.)
Karen at Folk Fest
by Willie Jinks
Charlie Lucas & his art
Willie Jinks himself!
Beautiful things
by Carol Roll
Hanging out with Charlie Lucas & Michael Banks
That's the question we were asking when we learned the house on Railroad Street in Thomson, GA, was gone. Number 218 Railroad Street was the house where artist Jake McCord spent many years painting and nailing up his finished work on the porch. We learned the house had been demolished in early June to make way for new construction. Jake has been in poor health recently and retired from his job cutting grass for the city after 39 years.
The good news is that some terrific folks from the brand new local history museum in Thomson hustled to save the famous porch when the house was brought down. They plan to reconstruct it inside the museum building, hopefully by Fall 2009. Wow, that's cool. Check them out & send them some love here: McDuffie Museum
But what about Jake? For a while it looked like Jake was fading as fast as his house. But we are here to tell you, he is doing better than he has in a long while. He is now living in a nursing home where he appears to be thriving. He is back to his two favorite pastimes: watching TV and painting!
We spoke to Jake on the phone and he would be glad to hear from any of his art fans. If you'd like to send him a card or note, send it to Jake McCord, Thomson Manor Nursing Home, 511 Mt. Pleasant Road, Thomson, GA 30824.
Read the news article about the porch here:
Read the article about Jake's retirement in 2007 here:
Jake McCord on a happy day at 218 Railroad Street
Update 7/3/09:
Here's Jake in his new room. He has been busy watching TV & painting cats. The painting above his head is a portrait of Jake & his art on his old porch.
We are sad to report that Jake McCord passed away on Tuesday, 9/1/09. We will miss him.
Here is the story we posted prior to his death.
Ruby's art is featured on the cover of The Folk Art Messenger magazine, published by The Folk Art Society of America. Her produce stand/art gallery will be one of the tour stops for the group's annual conference.
The stunning new book "Tin Man" describes the life and art of Charlie Lucas from a unique point of view - that of Charlie himself. The subject of many books, articles & art papers over the years, here the artist shares his painful life experiences and opens the door to his creations. Beautifully photographed and written! Don't miss it!

Published by The University of Alabama Press.
Click here for the publisher's webpage.
Or get it now while it's on sale at
Charlie Lucas: Sculptor, Painter, Shaman,...Published Author!
Mr. I in the ATL
That's right, kids. Mr. Imagination is now calling Atlanta home.
We spent some time with him in his new house which he has been busy filling up with fantastic creations. A native of Chicago, Mr. I was trying out life in a smaller town when he lost his house, his dog, and much of his art in a tragic fire. After the fire he decided to relocate to Atlanta where he feels the community is more supportive of folk artists. And the weather's an improvement too. We're looking forward to seeing a lot of him in the near future. Welcome home!
Farewell to Woodie Long
October 19, 1942 – October 12, 2009

When Woodie Long passed away in October 2009, the world lost not only a wonderful artist, but also one of its sweetest human beings. He left behind a loving wife, a huge volume of work, and many devoted fans. Everyone misses him.

Woodie was a supporter of the Art Creation Foundation for Children, a non-profit organization that provides education and support through art to children in Haiti. Their work in the village of Jacmel is now in its tenth year. Please visit to learn more about their program or to make a donation. Feel free to make your donation in honor of Woodie. He would have liked that.

Click here to read a tribute to Woodie written by Georgine Clarke.
Big smile on a cold day
at Kentuck, 2006
Michael Banks Is Back
After a two-year absence Michael has returned to his hometown of Guntersville, AL. While reconnecting with his roots in North Alabama, he has been creating a body of exciting new work. The new pieces have a fresh look in a style that is distinctively Michael's.

To celebrate his return, Impressions Artist Studio is presenting a show for him entitled "Still Standing" which opens on 4/10/2010. We are pleased to pass the information about the show and reception along to his friends and supporters.
Impressions Artist Studio
410 Gunter Ave.
Guntersville, AL 35976
Artists Reception
Saturday, April 10, 2010
2 pm  to 8 pm
Michael Banks standing
in his new place
On August 6, 2010, at the age of 78, Willie Tarver passed away at his home in Wadley, Georgia. Only a few months prior, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, apparently the result of years of breathing smoke both from welding and from cigarettes. The man who crafted many tombstones in the local cemetery chose not to have a burial. Instead his ashes will be incorporated into his art environment. Along with his wonderful wife Mae, his family, friends, and fans, he leaves behind a large body of work.
The family would like to sell the artwork that has been left in their hands. There are many small and large metal & cement sculptures for sale. Mae is hopeful that a museum might be interested in putting some of the large outdoor cement pieces on permanent display. Please send cards & letters to Mae Tarver, 531 Tarver Street, Wadley GA 30477.

Feel free to contact us to check availability of any specific items.
  Willie Tarver
1932 - 2010
Rest In Peace
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