David Bryant
David Bryant was introduced to us by our friends at Music Maker Relief Foundation. He is the son of blues artist Cora Mae Bryant, and the grandson of legendary guitarist Curley Weaver, so it may not be a big surprise to learn he is an extraordinary musician. He lived with his mother and took care of her until she passed away in 2008. The house is somewhat of a shrine, decorated with old photos and objects from days gone by, lovingly cared for by David.
It is with this reverence for the old ways of life that David creates assemblages of old buttons, and broken and discarded jewelry. We are happy to be able to share some of these with you. David has gathered things we might overlook or consider trash and glued them into displays that remind us of the importance the objects once held. There are buttons that might have been sewn on someone's best winter coat or on the fanciest dress a lady ever owned. The broken necklaces and broaches must have been prized by someone at some time, maybe gifts from someone held close to the heart. These are memory assemblages that are not specific to any individual. Instead they make us all wonder about the people who acquired, kept, and ultimately discarded these little treasures.
David makes these creations solely for his own pleasure. He is not trying to make a sale, an impression, or a statement. He enjoys collecting and handling the old bits and pieces, and he is happy when someone else appreciates what he has done. A few dollars here and there make it possible for him to pick up some old frames or plaques from a flea market, and to buy the occasional bottle of glue.
To learn more about David's music and musical roots, visit www.musicmaker.org
Treasures from an old jewelry box might have been gifts from someone special. Now broken and tarnished, they were once worn with pride and affection.
7.5" x 9.5"
assemblage of broken jewelry on a plaque
7.5" x 10.5"
assemblage of broken jewelry on a broken picture frame
10" x 12"
assemblage of broken jewelry in a picture frame
12" x 12" each
assemblage of buttons on two plaques
(sold together)
8" x 11"
assemblage of broken jewelry on a picture frame
Romantic hearts, buttons, and beads are glued onto the glass of a broken ceramic picture frame. The frame has been glued back together and is missing some tiny chunks. 
Fragile, broken, patched together, but never the same as new. Just like most hearts. Right?
These flat wooden wall hangings must have been very modern once.
They are covered with colorful stylish buttons.
Hearts, beads, and military buttons glued onto the glass of a ceramic picture frame give the feeling that someone is far away and missed.
This happy collection of beads and buttons is glued to the front of a plaque that someone was once honored to receive.
Stylish plastic wall hangings decorated with jewelry and buttons.
Buy them as a group and hang them any way you like!
Lots of buttons have been added to the face of a large plastic clock found in a flea market.
There are touches of glitter on the background.
23" diameter
assemblage of buttons on a clock frame
8" x 12" each
assemblages of jewelry & buttons 
on matching plastic frames
(sold together)
Oxford, GA


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