Paul Flack
Paul Flack weathered the ups and downs of a career in marketing when even his professional successes left him unfulfilled. Leaving the rat race behind, he set out on his own quest for artistic truth. He found inspiration in the work of self-taught artists whose work expressed a very personal vision. Paul watched as urban sprawl overtook the rural landscape surrounding Atlanta and struggled with the unease that it caused in him. After a chance encounter with an owl, he scavenged some scraps from a construction site, determined to transform them into something meaningful. Since that day Paul has developed an artistic technique using layers of paint applied to plaster. The layers are sanded by hand, exposing the colors and suggesting an image. Once the image has been identified, most likely a face or an angel, Paul adds lines or accents to enhance it. Recently Paul has adapted this technique to create portraits using photographs as his guide. The surface is prepared and finished the same way, but the image is applied in blocks of color according to the lines and shapes of the photograph. A resin coating binds the piece together and intensifies the colors. You might see Paul driving around town in a van painted “Angels for Sale,” but it is safe to say he is also looking for angels. For more about Paul Flack visit or
Smyrna, GA
The artist refers to this portrait technique as "Neo-Fresco."  He was inspired by the look of graffiti on outdoor walls. The paintings shown are resin-coated acrylic paint and plaster on wood. A groove has been cut on the back of each piece, so that they hang flat against the wall.

16" x 16"
please check availability
Paul also creates custom portraits. Email him at if you are interested in having one made for you.
Marilyn #1 (SOLD)
Model #1
Marilyn #2
Model #2


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