Woodie Long
Woodie Long was a 45 year old housepainter when he first picked up his wife’s paintbrushes and began his life as an artist. Woodie has had no formal art training. His first paintings were memories of his childhood growing up one of twelve children in a family of sharecroppers. As a young boy Woodie worked in the fields around Plant City, Florida, alongside African American farm laborers and he learned early on about the issues of racism and discrimination in America. All of his first paintings were of the black people he came to know plowing and picking in the fields. Woodie also loves to paint children enjoying the simple pleasures that he remembers, like Jumping on Grandma’s Bed, Flying Kites, or Riding in the Pickup. Today Woodie Long’s paintings can be found in dozens of museums and he has sold many thousands of paintings at folk art shows and galleries throughout the country, but he remains soft-spoken and humble. “I’m nothin’,” he says. “I’m just a housepainter. The good Lord touched my hands and made me a overnight success.” Quietly he whispers, “Someday they’re goin’ to put me in jail for impersonating an artist. But I’m happy they ain’t done it yet.”
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Santa Rosa Beach, FL
12" x 9"
latex on mat board
framed size 19" x 15" 
9" x 14"
latex on mat board
framed size 15" x 19" 
Farewell to Woodie Long
October 19, 1942 – October 12, 2009

When Woodie Long passed away in October 2009, the world lost not only a wonderful artist, but also one of its sweetest human beings. He left behind a loving wife, a huge volume of work, and many devoted fans. Everyone misses him. 

Woodie was a supporter of the Art Creation Foundation for Children, a non-profit organization that provides education and support through art to children in Haiti. Their work in the village of Jacmel is now in its tenth year. Please visit www.artforhaitianchildren.org to learn more about their program or to make a donation. Feel free to make your donation in honor of Woodie. He would have liked that.

Click here to read a tribute to Woodie written by Georgine Clarke.
Keeping Woodie Long’s Legacy Alive
OK, here’s a tip. If you are looking for artwork by Woodie Long, we know where to find the mother lode. Woodie and his wife Dot were pretty much inseparable before he passed away in 2009. Dot Long graciously opened her door to us when we passed through Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and showed us a small portion of the massive body of work that Woodie left behind. Not everything is for sale, but there are plenty of pieces that Dot would like to put in the hands of someone who truly appreciates Woodie’s art. You can find Dot and her gallery at http://www.woodielong.net . Let her know if there is something you have been “longing” for.
Dot Long


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