Chris Clark
Chris Clark was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1958. His art takes on many forms including painted hand-sewn quilts, painted chairs, found-object assemblages, and decorative "Spirit Sticks". He often depicts biblical scenes, childhood memories, and colorful musicians in his art. In 1990, after graduating high school, attending college, and completing 8 years of military service, Chris had returned to Birmingham when his eyesight began to blur. He recalls not being able to see well enough to fill out job applications, while people mistook him for being illiterate. Chris was diagnosed with diabetes and after beginning treatment his vision slowly improved. It was during this period that he began to paint. He asked his grandmother to teach him to quilt, and soon his unique painted quilts were born. Chris Clark’s work can now be seen in national galleries and publications. With creations as exuberant as their creator, it is no wonder that his work is in high demand and included in many collections.
Birmingham, AL
21" x 15"
acrylic on cabinet door
50" x 54"
fabric & cowrie shells
24" x 18"
acrylic on paper
painting & frame are both signed
click image for larger view
Chris passed away August 16, 2011 from complications of diabetes. He was 52.
Although he is gone, his work will continue to spread joy.
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