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Jon Whiddon Art

by Gregory & Karen Mack on 05/28/22

We received this message from customers who have cherished memories of Jon and a special place for his art. We thank them for sharing their story.

"We are very pleased to own a Jon Whiddon original piece. Our family first discovered Jon in 2004 while escaping hurricane threats here in NE Florida by evacuating to Hayesville, NC for a week. We ate at [a] restaurant in Hayesville and saw his work displayed on the walls. Someone at the restaurant told us that Jon welcomed visitors to his home studio and gave us directions. Our children were 5, 3 and not quite 1 year old at the time, and the older two delighted in romping with Jon's dog when we visited!  Jon happily showed us around his studio, introduced us to his dad, and couldn't have been a more gracious host for our unannounced visit.  Ever since, we have wanted to have a Whiddon in our home.  We were saddened to learn on a subsequent vacation that Jon had passed.  We tried to locate any of his works through research over the years, but were not successful.  Imagine our pleasant surprise when your email about this show of his remaining originals hit our inbox!...Thanks for helping us achieve a goal 18 years in the making!"

Dan and Beth, St. Johns, FL

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1. Kim Smith said on 10/12/22 - 09:02AM
So sad to hear of Jon’s passing! I met John at Lakewood Antique Market. I think that was in late 80s. I’m a antique dealer and he was set up across the aisle from me. We chatted lots during the four day show.I traded a piece of his artwork (Garden Rest) for a large green hand made ceramic pottery!

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